Kiss Me, Don’t Spank Me.

You can even bite my underlip if you like.

Spank me?

Well, I’m not so sure, honey!

I’ve been in and out of relationships, long-term, marriage, one-night stands and all.

I have enjoyed the full spectrum of the heterosexual relationship rainbow (I have never tasted the luxuries of a homosexual relationship), but being completely illiterate in regards to the art of spanking, I cannot conceive of how the act belongs with a ‘‘feminist’’ lifestyle!

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P.S. / Well… A most wonderful thing happened today just because I wrote this! I got a call and the voice over the phone told me: ”I read your piece. Now, I totally understand, I get you. You have really found an interesting story and a point of view to tell. I liked it!” WOW! First 2 seconds I am in complete AWE! I am DEAD SILENT! Then I laugh my heart out!  The other person is laughing too!  There is a connection! Amazing! Most of all, we have a REAL DIALOGUE! I so much appreciate this person’s courage and maturity to give me a call and say these. WOW!!! I have learned a lesson, I hope well, in the art of communication.